Live Projects and Training

In appreciation to the future market and demand of Human Resources related to Image Processing & Artificial Intelligence. We provide Training , Counselling and Internship to fewer fresheres and professionals selected under our criteria.

Data Analytics

Data analytics session help professionals to filteration, optimization and processing over various algorithm with proper visual representation. It will also help in organizing data from unorganized and coming from different Data sources.

Image Processing

Image Processing application help in getting real and useful information from the inputs of CCTV cameras. It also provides full monitoring and alerts to you while you are not away from your places.

Artificial Intelligence & ML

The world is composed of three-dimensional objects, but the inputs to the human eye and CCTV cameras are two dimensional. Some useful programs can work solely in two dimensions, but full computer vision requires partial three-dimensional information using two-dimensional views.


We have scheduled new batches for following courses starting in the second quarter of Year 2019. For further assistance you can contact us at / +91 744 748 0063

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  • Data Science & Machine Learning
  • OpenCV and Machine Learning
  • Apache Hadoop 2.0 Training
  • Full Stack Development and Python Training
  • Full Stack Development and Javascript Training