Automation is the new future.We at IMGAPTI are united by a united kaleidoscopic vision- To help you bring out the best in you. We provide strategic solutions related to AI and ML globally through our consultancy services in sectors of Healthcare, Information Technology and Education, while catering to the large demand and supply gap of professionals skilled in the same.

Based in Pune with a virtual presence around the globe, we are a group of professionals of diverse backgrounds - Alumni of top technical and research institutes across India and Europe. A hub for all coding-enthusiasts. By passing on our knowledge, we believe in empowering those who are passionate about new age technology and have a relentless drive to learn and create something out of vacuum. With this candid and pragmatic experience- Learn, adapt and level up your personal brand. 100% practical trainings focusing on real world problems, no theoretical web of nonsense to get tangled into. Hassle free, hands on experience through project modeling, watch, learn and create impact. IMGAPTI welcomes a new you, someone who has the potential to change what the future looks like. Join us and transform yourself today!


Our mission is to solve the talent deficit in the IT sector pertaining to skill-set specific to automation industry. We mentor students and professions to get job ready. Exposure to the latest trends and tech-alternatives builds a strong foundation of our students. Operation of various virtual tools used in AI Engineering like- LabelBox, Supervisely; open source libraries like TensorFlow and Scikitlearn are also given assistance for. Our services continue post- recruitment too via a monitoring service.Train with us and get an opportunity to work or pursue further studies in Germany under the guidance of top German Professors. Students and professionals both are welcome to apply. ( For more details, please refer to our services section)

With our trainings, you don't have to walk on egg-shells anymore. Get a competitive advantage in your job. Boost your confidence by getting an upperhand of disruptive tech like ML and AI. Give your career a 360 degree turnover with our Bootcamps. Joins hands with the new era of Technology, with IMGAPTI .

We are helping students with excellent academics to pursue their research and PHD under the guidance of top German professors.



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Dr. Sunil K. Yadav

CEO / Co-Founder
Alumnus of Panjab University, IIT-R, FU Berlin.

Area of Interest: Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Geometry Processing & Computer Vision. View more

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Er. Anant Ashutosh

Career Strategist / Co-Founder
Alumnus of Panjab University, NMIMS

Area of Interest: IT & HR Consulting & Personality Development Trainer View more